Nairobi, kenya

Nairobi is East Africa’s most cosmopolitan city and Kenya’s busiest hub. The skyline of Nairobi is filling up with skyscrapers and office blocks. Named the ‘city in the sun’ Nairobi is the only capital in the world with a national park and the only place where you can take a break from the busy city life to explore the unique African plains. With its high crime levels many people would be put of by visiting Nairobi, but Nairobi offers a thriving art scene with many art galleries giving visitors the chance to indulge in the Kenyan culture. Nairobi is full of colourful music which can be heard beating out of every car and Matatu. Jazz and hip hop are beginning to make a statement across Nairobi and Kenya with many venues producing great live music to get you into the full Kenyan culture. With easy access to the rest of the country, Nairobi is a great stop off point to prepare yourself for you’re next African adventure. Nairobi offers you a unique experience, the famous Giraffe Manor is set in a Nairobi suburb and allows guests to have breakfast with the friendly giants and also participate in sunset feeding. The herd of Giraffes will often poke there heads through the window to for extra treats. With other tourist hotspots such as the elephant orphanage. This is a great place to get up and close to baby elephants that have been rescued from the wild. What you thought of Nairobi think again. Most people get the image of Nairobi being violent place with hight crime, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Nairobi is one for Africa’s and the worlds fastest growing cities. It’s full of colour and modern architecture which fill the cities skyline. Neat little markets filled with all sorts of things ranging from old clothes, fresh food to typical sculptured Kenyan souvenirs fill every street corner. Nairobi is really a special place to visit and one that gets more and more popular with tourist.

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