Madrid, Spain

Over shadowed by the more in favour Barcelona. But this doesn’t stop Madrid showing of its Spanish flair. Madrid just oozes with effortless class and style, starting with the attractive and very impressive architecture which is in abundance across the city. The picturesque cobbled street of Cortes is my favourite area of Madrid. Full off cool little bars where you can sit and drink in the street with your friends and watch the world go by.  The streets are a great place to get lost in the evening, the people are on a go slow and this gives you the perfect opportunity to visit different bars and indulge in tapas and drink plenty of beers or sangrias. If you go anywhere in the Cortes for drinks make sure you go to Man Que Cervevaz, which translates into “more than beer”. Go there during the evening and its the best spot to chill and socialise and have some great beers. When out and about in Madrid make sure you visit the royal palace of Madrid. The official residents to the king of Spain and is worth a stroll through the great and impressive palace. Of course no football fanatic can come to Madrid without seeing the world famous Santiago Bernebeu Stadium. Appearing from the busy streets of Madrid the Bernebeu stands tall and elegant in this Spanish jungle. The 80,000 seated stadium full of history and football memories for every avid football fan. The Bernebau bosts one of the most impressive museums and stadium tours are a must for any die hard football fan. Football is a religion in Madrid and a bitter rivalry between the world famous all whites of Real Madrid and the lesser red and white of Athletico Madrid. In Madrid the real Madrileños support Athletico. The Vicente Calderon is home to Athletico. On match day the 54,000 fans turn up to watch there beloved Athletico. The Vicente Calderon has a feel of a real football ground compared to the touristy hotspot of the Bernebeu. You can feel all the history oozing out of the stands. The best time to visit Madrid has to be in the spring, around April and May. The weather is perfect this time of the year as the summer can get ridiculously hot. Madrid is full of colour throughout the spring and summer months.

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  1. September 5, 2018 at 5:03 pm

    We will be going to Madrid next month. Enjoyed your article.

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